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Office Fit Out

Our custom-built office fit out for Office HQ incorporated new joinery, carpet tiles, grid ceiling, partition glazing, acoustic panelling and feature wall battens. These updates give the office a refreshed, modern look, accurately representing the company. We collaborated with Office HQ to design an office space that promotes positive company culture and collaboration, and this office fit out does just that! 

We transformed this office fit out by featuring the company’s signature colours, adding greenery throughout the office, creating an open office space to promote collaboration opportunities, incorporating privacy screens on desks for employee productivity and installing a functional kitchen for daily use. We also built private offices and board rooms using suitable acoustic materials to prevent unwanted noise, increasing productivity.

What are the benefits of an excellent commercial office fit out?

  • More positive, reinforced company culture.
  • Increased opportunities for collaboration.
  • Greater workforce effectiveness and productivity.
  • Lower rate of employee turnover. 
  • Efficient use of office space. 
  • Up-to-date and reliable technology. 
  • Strengthen brand presence and image. 


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