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7 Tips To Create An Office Fit Out That Suits Your Brand Personality

The office environment heavily influences employees’ and clients’ productivity and decisions. Everything from the layout, decor, colours, wording and imagery draws your visitors’ attention.

If you’re wanting an office fit-out that accurately reflects your brand personality, we’ve got 7 tips to help you!


1. Colours 

Paint the walls and accessorise the office with furniture that matches your brand style guide. Pops of colour can dramatically change the look and feel of an office space, and you want to make sure your office looks inviting to clients and motivates employees to show up each day!


2. Decals

Incorporate decals across your walls, windows and doors to personalise the environment. They may include your logo, slogan, corporate values and beliefs, or you might even like to include key statistics across your walls. For example, your business might be proud of being “Plastic free since 2019”, or you might like to promote your growth with “From garage startup in 2010 to 25 locations in 2022”. It’s hard to miss your business’s values and vision when it’s literally written across the walls.


3. Imagery

The use of powerful imagery in the office really draws on people’s emotions and can inspire creativity. It affects the mood and lighting in a space. You can use professional artistic images of your products and services at different stages of development to tell a story. Using images of happy, smiling people creates trust in both potential and returning clients.


4. Furniture

Furniture can make or break the atmosphere in a work environment. It’s important to choose this wisely. Quality furnishings demonstrate that your company cares about quality, cleanliness, first impressions and appearance, which is most likely reflected in your work and work ethic.


5. Accessories

Accessories allow you to inject your brand’s personality throughout the office. With accessories, you can change and swap them around depending on any campaigns you might be running – keeping your branding on point! You can also keep the energy up with plants, textures and colours.


6. Layout

Layout is the biggest change you can make in your office fit-out to reflect your brand personality. Depending on your values, creating open spaces with enough room to flow around the area really demonstrates flexibility within your team and your clients. Using glass as a partition to separate areas and offices can represent your honesty and transparency within your organisation – an honourable and highly sought quality to have in an organisation. Creating sitting and standing sections in the office shows diversity in your workforce and that you cater to individual needs, which clients can interpret as being reflected in the work you do for them.


7. Light

Introduce more light into the office space with lamps and other fixtures. Good lighting in a office is key as it plays an important role in improving moods, clarity, efficiency and productivity – so you can get the most out of your business meetings! Additionally, the setup and use of lighting systems offers a great chance for decoration and the fusion of brand’s style and functionality.


If you’re looking to revamp your office fit out to reflect who you really are as a business, give Quality First Constructions a call today to see how we can help you!

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